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$85+GST/ 45 Minute Phone Session

Experience a remarkable session with Sheila as she connects you with your loved ones who have passed, or your spirit guides. She will close her eyes and images and messages appear to her.  Sheila receives the message but often it is the client who understands the true personalized meaning behind what their deceased loved one is communicating. 
It is important to know that these messages are for you the client and Sheila is just the person translating them to you. You may have expectations of what you want to hear, and you can ask questions, but the messages they choose to give are unpredictable and unique. Sheila has found that the guides or deceased have their own specific agenda when connecting. 
Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to receive a truly powerful and healing connection. 
Experience this session over the phone.
Email for payment options and to schedule an appointment.



$150 +GST / 1.5 hour Session

Experience deep awakening and healing through this three session treatment. First you will connect with Sheila through a 15 minute tarot card reading. Next Sheila will channel your guides (or a person in your life who has passed) for personalised messages and advice. Lastly, you will experience a 30 minute hands on healing session where Sheila will assess the energy in your body and move it toward healing. This may include non invasive brief touching however if you are uncomfortable with this, simply request a touch-free session. 
This session will take approximately an hour and a half, and it is important to schedule time afterwards to relax and process the energy that has been shifted from the healing. This treatment is often a life changing experience that gives you a better understanding of self, allows you to take steps forward on your healing journey, and provides tools that help you navigate your life challenges. 
This session is only available in person. 
Email for payment options and to schedule an appointment.

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