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Sheila has been on a journey to discover the miracles of life. She has spent countless dedicated hours studying, taking courses, and reading books, all in the pursuit of happiness. She has studied and practiced yoga for over 30 years and is passionate about teaching yoga at a local studio.

Sheila embarked on a 2 year Spiritual  Healing course  with Dr, Rick Jelusish ( in the early 2000’s. This opened her up to the nature of healing.  She was able to use her intuition and guiding messages to help many people in this capacity. This allowed her to trust the messages she receives and deliver them in a kind and gentle way.

Sheila has been reading oracle cards for years. She prides herself on using her intuition to deliver messages of wisdom.  She has studied tarot card reading and likes to offer this modality to bring insight and awareness to our lives.

In 2019 Sheila became interested in a YouTube channel called “They call Us Channelers with Kevin Moore.” For an entire year, Sheila watched this YouTube channel before and after work. Then suddenly one day she had a new understanding that she could channel.  That's all it took, from that day forward she has channeled for many. Her channeling skills are more than bringing in messages, they offer a healing energy that is a beautiful and emotionally charged. 

Sheila does not claim to have all this life figured out. In fact her life has brought her many situations of struggle, heartbreak and pain. But through it all she has gained the wisdom to know we are greater than we can ever imagine.  Sheila wants everyone to know we are big, bright amazing beings.  And the messages she channels will let you know this in a unique and personal way.

Sheila Youtube Channel
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